About Us


Welcome to the New Jersey Professional Horsemen’s Association! The NJPHA is one of sixteen nationwide chapters which make up the National PHA.

The purpose of the NJPHA is to serve the needs of New Jersey’s professional horsemen and exhibitors as well as give aid to needy members.

The NJPHA strives to raise the quality of horse shows in New Jersey bu providing a High Score Awards Program in which members compete in 30 divisions for year-end awards. Through this program, the NJPHA promotes good sportsmanship and ethical conduct as well as fostering a healthy environment in which both children and adults may enjou the sport of horses.

What is the PHA?

The national orginization was founded to offer aid to professional members in need. The Aid to Members Committee offers assistance to members as well as death benefits and schorlarships to children of profesional members. The NJPHA is a chapter of the National PHA.

What are the Programs of the NJPHA?

The NJPHA also offers aid to Horsemen in need, aid to Professional members and a death benefit. We also offer a scholarship to the children of professional members. In addition, we offer a High Score program and a scholarship for High Score members.   

Who are the Members of the NJPHA?
Professional members are those who make the majority of their living in the industry. They are riders, trainers, teachers, judges and stewards. We also welcome non-voting associate members and our largest in house membership, the High-Score members.

When are the NJPHA Meetings?
Meetings are the first Monday of the month. We take a break from June to Sept. The meeting time is 7:30 pm. The location is announced on our facebook page each month. All are invited and encouraged to attend.  

What is the NJPHA High Score Program?
The high score was designed to support goal-oriented competition. It affords an opportunity for horses and ponies of all levels to compete for year-end awards. NJPHA pointed classes are offered by horse shows throughout the state. The NJPHA calendar year is December 1 to November 30. Membership is due by December 1st for the following award year.

Membership Catagories :

Professional – $55 / year

Associate – $40 / Year

High Score – $35 / Year

Horse Show – Farm Lifetime Membership – $50